Advice from spondylosis sufferers appreciated


As well as feet, hand, knee OA, finally got diagnosed with OA of the spine. Neck and shoulder pain is limiting any activity I try to do, currently just started sick leave as was called back to work from furlough.

Any advice from spondylosis sufferers would be appreciated!


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    Hi @Simba55

    I see you have anew diagnosis of spondylosis now and are on sick leave. I can see you are really after replies from our members but am adding this link:

    for you to read in the meantime.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Simba55,

    I too was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis with oseophytes, electric shocks down arm and unable to lift my right arm properly, I’m afraid it’s a case of you have it and refer to pain clinic who take forever to come back and I do understand how busy they all are but over a year now so they contacted me and was told I would be referred to pharmacy to try medication that was a month ago and nothing yet been told 10 weeks wow

    I try every morning to look left then right a few times till pain stops me or the disgusting sounds of creaking and cracking just to try loosen it, I also use heat packs and cold packs just do what I can to try stop it getting stiff pain is constant and headaches but it seems we’re in the 1930s again and left to get on with it stiff upper lip old boy if you get my meaning sorry to say but I get angry at the fact we’re so overlooked and dismissed as being moaners I do research a lot and there is information out there but a physio input would be better

    take care

    love Jona