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Osteoarthritis in lower spine

Just a quick hello to everyone, i have severe oesteoarthritis of my lower spine and a little arthritis in my hands, i've tried pain killers but nothing works and now having some turmeric tablets to see if they help.

I recently had an MRI scan to make sure there was nothing else wrong with my back and there isn't

I find the severe back pain very immobilising and would love to be able to take my dog for walks, now i cannot even get out of the bath so its showers all the time now.

I will try anything and everything to have a little less pain and to be able to have a more normal lifestyle, i'm only 61 so i'm hoping to have at least another 20 years of an active lifestyle.


  • AnnaAnna Posts: 221 mod

    Hi @Kazzie and welcome to the online community,

    You have severe osteoarthritis of the lower spine and a little in your hands and painkillers don't seem to be working. At age 61 you are right that you should have plenty more active years ahead.

    Many of our members live with similar conditions and I'm sure they can offer suggestions as to how you can manage and help alleviate your pain. There are several useful suggestions on the Versus Arthritis information page on osteoarthritis of the spine too - here's the link if you want to have a look:

    I would also suggest that you speak to your GP about referral to a pain clinic (if you haven't already done so). There are several different types of treatment that might work for you that you may not have yet discovered.

    Meanwhile, do have a look round the forum - distraction is one way to help deal with pain - and join in to any conversations you feel comfortable with. I'm sure you'll find that everyone is very friendly.

    Best wishes

    Anna (Mod)

  • KazzieKazzie Posts: 2

    Thank you, i joined this site to try and get help as i'm feeling so low right now.

    Unfortunately because i am on warfarin if i take lot of pain killers it affects my I.N.R. results so i have to be so careful. Just having someone to talk to is a bonus so hank you Anna and i will look at that link


  • stellabeanstellabean Posts: 277 ✭✭

    Hi Kazzie I know where you are coming from I am 62 when I was 39 I was attacked at work damaged 3 discs in my neck and then they found I had spinal degeneration in my spine, I was pretty much done. I had been very active up to then caring for my horses riding, training, looking after 5 other horses, my family and pets of which I had quite a few and working full time as a nurse.

    It was hard to take the change which felt like it happened overnight, I had other health problems for most of my life but I could live with them but to be told I had to give up riding which I had done since I was about 2 years old was the pits. The consultant's advice was "if you fall do not put your hands out to save yourself, be careful when you sneeze and if it's painful use a wheelchair quite frankly with that damage you shouldn't be able to walk". I did give up riding but not caring for my horse ( I have 1 and look after 1 for my 80yr old friend).

    I have tried most things but have to be careful what I take as I have Crohns disease .I found a specialist sports injury physio very helpful, the combination of treatments and exercises she gave me made it possible for me to remain mobile to this day. She runs a pilates group for people with arthritis and spinal problems which I do weekly. I still have pain but the exercises mean I have more range of movement in my spine ,better core strength which helps my balance and I feel I am keeping control of my condition a bit more.

    I try to concentrate on what I can do and even though the things I can't still upset me it is to a lesser degree, I do get frustrated as the arthritis is in most of my joints now but why waste energy on that? I try to do something for another person each day, and something that I enjoy like my garden.

    There are many like us on here so you are bound to get lots of information and support it is good to be able to speak to other people who understand what you are going through .I hope you find some help we are always here.

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