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Hi there, I am new to the group, I have arthritis in both knees and a few months ago I started taking a turmeric supplement to help with inflammation as I had read testimonies from people who said it worked really well for them.....unfortunately, I had to stop as I developed a really bad pain in my back (ruq)....I had an mri as I had not made any connection and thought there was something wrong in that area. All was well and I stopped taking the turmeric and after some while the pain lessened. The pain came back in my right knee (the turmeric had really helped) so I tried again and the pain is back and even though I stopped them after only a couple of weeks, the pain is still here.. I know it took a while to settle last time so trying not to worry. Can I ask has anyone else had a similar experience with turmeric or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks in advance....Dot


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