NICE guidelines on chronic pain

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This is what we have posted on the website in relation to this - our official response to the document has not yet be formulated in full.



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    Hi, I have read this barbaric proposal and talk about taking us back to the dark ages well I’m shocked and appalled, it takes forever for tests and referrals and the govt only say test and refer if a medical professional suspects something is wrong again dr knows best what are we in the 40s in the meantime what are people supposed to do. If paracetamol cause problems or don’t help why are they still being sold? 😡

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    reads to me like tell people to go away and do exercise means don't have to do anything further with them. when the patient says cannot exercise then oh well they weren't following treatment plan so can't be helped.

    I want to exercise- I CANNOT. even a small amount of activity sets me near immobile for days and when did have one to one physio she kept saying I had to do less . pain is not being lazy. people in severe pain have generally tried every self help trick in the book , no one wants to be unable to do things physically

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    Totally agree with Sunnyside. As a once very fit Veteran not only can't I exercise any more I have been told by a Neurosurgeon, 3 physios, 2 OTs and a Pilates instructor, with whom I was having one to one sessions, not to exercise! Nobody wants to be in pain and I have not only tried everything available through the NHS but have spent loads of money over the years on alternative therapies, none of which worked effectively.

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    Who are these people that sit in an office making this up as a way to save money because that’s all it boils down to saving money at the end of the day disregard people who are in pain or are old or just give everyone anti depressants they may I add are also addictive do they honestly think people want to live like we do not everyone is the same some find mild pain exercise helps but multiple joint arthritis or as drs say wear and tear is fact these govt drones need to keep it real we are not a spreadsheet

  • I spoke to a GP recently who told me I couldn’t have any more cortisone injection in my hands & that there was no point prescribing me any pain relief as it didn’t work for arthritis! This nearly pushed me over the edge to be honest, so much so that a subsequent discussion with my own gp included an urgent referral to the mental health team and, thankfully a prescription for codeine which goes well with cannabis. The problem with prescribing exercise for me is exacerbated by me having COPD & not being able to walk the length of myself without gasping for breath. I accept that being plump doesn’t help & that eating cake & biscuits will only make the arthritis worse but a bit of kindness & understanding wouldn’t go amiss either.