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I have recently been diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. I started having painful joints a couple of years ago and last summer I had the worst flare up ever where I was virtually housebound for weeks. I was diagnosed in September last year and started methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine. I thought I was tolerating the meds well and apart from the odd pain I’ve been fine. However consultant called and said I need to stop the meds immediately as it may be causing problems with my liver and kidneys. She asked me to go in for a blood test again in a couple of weeks and told me not to take any anti inflammatory at all, but I am panicking 😫 has this happened to anyone before ? I am worried what the meds may have done to me and worried that that I will be in excruciating pain again without them ...Any help or advise would be gratefully received ! Thank you all so much !


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    Welcome to the forum, @Michelle01 You are concerned at the problems associated with your medication, prescribed following your diagnosis of RA in Sept 2020. My own experience is very similar to yours. I couldn't get on with that combination, but my consultant put me on a different mixture of drugs and all is OK. That is the point of regular drug tests - spot the problem early to avoid harm.

    If you are having problems with pain, this website may help:

    Here is some general information:

    We all wish you luck. Stay positive and take care.