Side effects of hydroxychloraquine


I've taking hydroxychloraquine alongside sulphasalazine since 2015 and have a swollen left foot. I have been suffering with this since 2016, it originally started in my right foot then that went away and it appeared in my left foot in 2018 and has been there ever since.I know the timing/years as I have taken numerous photos. Rhuemi consultants have given steroids to no avail, Gp said its oedema, put me on some water tablets which helped a little but it neve completely went away. Obviously over the last year I haven't been able to see my consultant at the hospital but had a phone consultation and told her I couldn't cope with the swelling any more. I work at a hospital, and struggling to get my shoes on properly! I have had an ultrasound scan which showed no evidence of arthritis in that area so she referred me to have another steroid directly into my toe. I had an appointment to see the extended scope physiotherapist who then told me it was extensor tendinitis and gave me one exercise to do.The appointment was pretty useless so I ended up seeing a physio privately who said it is NOT extensor tendinitis but more of a circulatory problem which would actually make sense. It was at this point that I came home and looked at the timeline from starting this medication, the years the photos were taken and then looked a the side effects of hydroxychloraquine and see that swollen feet/ankles can be a rare side effect. I may be barking up the wrong tree but has anyone else experienced this? I think I need to rule it out but can't find anything online about WHY it could cause swelling!!! I'm trying to get hold of my consultant but waiting for someone to call me back, so thought I' d reach out here just incase anyone might share anything!! Thanks in advance