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Hi I am Carol, I am 75, have osteoarthritis arthritis. In July 2018 I had my right hip replaced I couldn't believe how the pain disappeared, In December 2019 I had my left knee replaced not such instant relief with the knee as the hip but still good.

I now have pain in my back, neck and left hip, but hey ho after what we have all been through I am still here and can still move around.

You all take care and keep safe


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    Hi @fenfolk

    Welcome to the online community great to see you posting Carol.

    You stated that you have had a right Hip repacement and a left knee replacement and you have done well on both replacements,It is really brilliant when the pain goes after a operation that is successful,i too have had Hip and both knees replaced and feel happy about mine too.You also say that you have now got pain in the neck,and Left Hip yes so have i but as you say can still move around.

    I have a link that may help with Pain management.Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (versusarthritis.org)

    Please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on and just continue talking to the people on the forum,you will find everyone helpful and friendly.

    All the best Christine

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