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I am 67 years old and was diagnosed with RA last October after suffering from severe pain in different joints since February 2020. I was diagnosed with aTrial fibrillation in January of that year. Then the pains in my joints started. It was usually on one side of my body . I saw a Rheumatologist in October and soon after started on Hydrochloroquine. From starting that I just had mild pain in my fingers and knees, and occasionally in ankles. Since Christmas the pain has got worse going to moderate pain with a couple episodes of severe pain.Most days I am in moderate pain in fingers and knees. The last couple of weeks by the end of the day I ache in all joints. I have also been suffering from sweats for several months. I also suffer from swollen and painful nodes in my breast and under arm.

My Rheumatologist says the nodes are not due to RA.

I try and keep as active as possible but get very tired easily.

is all this part of RA?


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    Hello @Joybells,

    Welcome to the online forum and thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope that you will find this a safe space for you to continue to share your journey with us and that you will keep us updated on your progress.

    We are a friendly bunch, always looking to make new friends and I would encourage you to get involved with the different conversations going on.

    So you were diagnosed with RA last October after having experienced pain in various joints since February 2020. Since Christmas your pain has started to worsen to the point that you are now experiencing pain in all joints by the end of the day, and that the pain is sometimes severe. You are also experiencing swollen and painful nodes in your breast and under your arm as well as sweats too. Your rheumatologist has advised that the nodes are not related to the RA.

    Have you spoken to your G.P about the nodes now that your consultant as advised they are not related to the RA? I would always recommend talking to your G.P about any new medical condition, especially in this case when you have already been told by a doctor that it is not related to a current condition.

    I have included some information about rheumatoid arthritis and how to manage your pain below, with the hope that the information you fins there will be of help to you. Symptoms can effect us all in different ways, so reaching out on the forum will be a good way to get other peoples experience as well.

    Once again, I hope this is of help to you and please do continue to post and keep us updated when you can.

    Take care

    Anne (moderator)