Palmer erythema


Have just recently been diagnosed with palmar erythema by a dermatologist who also thinks I may have scleroderma given my symptoms painful joints all over dry eyes and mouth Raynaud's phenomenon acid reflux oesophageal dysmotility skin rashes reactive lymph nodes and dry skin has anybody else have palmar erythema? All I know it is a rare skin disorder.


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    Hello @Sandy1964

    You have recently been diagnosed with palmer erythema by your dermatologist and you are wondering is anyone else on this forum has any experience of it. Also it is thought that you may have Scleroderma. Below is some information Scleroderma that Versus Arthritis has produced.

    Systemic sclerosis | Scleroderma | Versus Arthritis

    I hope you get some answers to your question of any member having palmer erythema.

    Thank you for visiting our forum, I look forward to reading future posts and hearing how you are getting on.

    Best wishes