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Hi I am new on here. I need help urgently. I have suffered with low back pain for years, diagnosed stenosis, my left hip also has bothered me in the past, had a steroid injection which helped. Back in November I had my flu jab, I was poorly and in so much pain in all my joints for over 2 weeks. Since then the pain has got so much worse. My hands and wrists are swollen, so very painful, my knees hips, shoulders neck and arms are also causing me chronic pain. I can’t walk, climb stairs, bend down. My hands are useless, can’t do the housework, can’t prepare meals, struggle with personal care. I feel like my life is over, so depressed now. Taking so many pain killers, awake 2-3 times a night because of the pain and struggle to get out of bed to use the loo. My husband has been doing more but I don’t think he really understands how much pain I am in. I feel so alone especially as the g.p is only doing phone consultations. I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist tomorrow, blood tests done, x-rays done and ultra sound and MRI booked for tomorrow too. I’m really frightened I’m going to be like this forever 😢


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    Make a list of everything and take it to the Rheumy tomorrow. GPs are supposed to be having face to face appointments as the NHS has issued instructions that they have to. Good luck tomorrow, hopefully you will some help.

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    Crikey, that does sound like you have a lot to deal with. I can see why you feel so low. We all know how that feels on this site, so you've come to the right place to offload and "have a moan".

    But this is the first step to getting on top of your many painful conditions. They're giving you a full work over to find out what's going on, and hopefully that will point them in the right direction to starting to help you. Take heart, "tomorrow will be a good day." Ok, not quite body surfing in Hawaii maybe, but for you, it will be the start of something better . LM x

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    @Poultster . I've just seen your message. How did it go with the rheumatologist?

    I know how you feel. I've got Osteo and psoriatic I feet, knees, hips and hands. Constant pain. Can't walk anywhere and a family who are depending on me. Never give up. There will be answers. No, we'll never be the person we were, but who says that some day, we can't be better? X