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I have osteoarthritis in my spine and hands and feet for many years. Isn't it hard when one lot of medicines are needed but then give you a problem with another chronic health condition. Seems like a balancing act. Does anyone else have this problem?


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    Hello @Sewsy and welcome to the forum

    I can understand what you mean by a balancing act with medication, but does it help with your osteoarthritis in your spine and hands? I think a lot of time a medication which helps can have side effects and you just have to keep talking to your GP or specialist until the balance is found.

    You will hopefully find this forum can help, or our website and in particular we have a lot of information which can be found by searching, a couple of examples being:

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you get on and hopefully others will connect with you who have relevant experiences to share

    With very best wishes

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    Hi @Sewsy , it just seems to be part of life once you have more than one medical condition, off-setting the benefits of one drug against its side effects or reactions with another, particularly when it causes problems with other medical conditions. Part of the GPs skill is making sure anything new they prescribe is compatible with other drugs and medical conditions. Mine knock the stuffing out of me and give me double vision and constipation that turns going to the loo into aerobic exercise without taking even more pills and potions and hoping I get the timing right! The alternative is not being able to leave the house, so it's not much of a choice really. 🙄

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    I know what you mean - I get meds for some of my conditions and it has negative affects elsewhere, but all I can suggest is keep going back to your GP and hopefully you will find something that works. In the meantime keep going and embrace the good days

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    Hiya. Yeah, I started by taking 1 pill per day, now I'm on 17! Recently I was even offered another to help me sleep, but I turned it down. I'm on more than enough.