Greetings all. Why have I got new pain at night from right knee down to my ankle?


I have two bionic hips which are the best bits of me, a very rubbish OA lower back, not quite bad enough OA knees, and am recovering from lumber decompression surgery in January, which worked. I can walk again, sort of. Have been taking tramadol for many years. It still helps enough for me to to sort of function at a low level. A chronic pain management course four years ago helped mentally. The right knee to ankle pain at night is new (about three weeks). Was just worrying in case something else was pressing on spinal nerves again, or is it just further crumbling of the old bones. I am 70. The GP said to ring back if it was still happening by now. Which it is. I do hate the phone, but am perforce getting a bit used to it over the last year. Whinge, whinge, whinge!! How are you all?


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    You are not whinging, SaraSiloko, though you seem to have good reason(s) to. You ask "Why have I got new pain....?" and my immediate thought is "Because that's what arthritis does." Most unhelpful of me and, reading on, I see why you might hope not to have this new pain.

    I think you know the answer - yes, the undesired GP phone call. Unfortunately they are far more likely to be able to diagnose and help than we are as, despite the unifying factor of arthritis, we are all different. I have had knees and hips replaced but, touch wood, no back problems. I'm wondering, if it's only at night, might it be muscular? Just a thought. I have no expertise. Go on! Pick up that phone. You know you can do it 😉

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    Hi @SaraSiloko I agree with @stickywicket in that the best thing to do is phone the GP back and also it is not whinging - pain is bad and something we all have to live with. Just keep pressing on and hope the GP can sort you soon

    Best wishes

    Peter (mod)

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