Recycle pill blister packs


Medicine blister packets can now be recycled at participating pharmacy drop-off points nationwide.  Customers can recycle any empty prescription and over-the-counter medicine blister packets by dropping them in dedicated bins at their local Superdrug or independent pharmacy. To find out where your nearest drop off point is, click on . ls.

Research carried out with over 2,000 UK adults revealed nearly half of us (49%) use medicines packaged in blister packs) on a daily basis. My local church is providing a box for anyone unable to get to the pharmacy. I hope it's a big one. The Stickywickets alone use all too many 😉

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  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,742

    I need a recycling bin all to myself!! It's a great move forward though. We drop ours off at Superdrug in bulk.

  • crinkly
    crinkly Member Posts: 149

    That's interesting to know. Between us my OH and I get through quite a quantity so will be more than willing to recycle them as we collect enough. Thanks also for the link to recycling centres as we have recently moved to a new area.😃