Does methotrexate interfere with erections?


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    After reading the details of the information on our web site, I could not see anything that referred directly to your question:

    There is a particular note to tell your doctor or nurse specialist straight away if you start to feel really unwell and in any case if you're concerned by any side effects, please do contact a health professional for advice.

    Most drugs commonly used to treat arthritis are unlikely to affect your sex life, although steroids can sometimes reduce sexual desire or cause temporary impotence. Again, please note that you should discuss your medications with your doctor if you think they may be affecting you in this way.

    Further helpful information regarding sex, relationships and arthritis can also be found on our web site.

    Do tell us a little more about the context of this question, if you feel comfortable in doing so.

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    Just putting the question straight into Google the following answer came up:

    Among synthetic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), there are reports of sexual dysfunction with the use of methotrexate (MTX). Although this drug is generally well tolerated, there are reports of decreased libido, impotence and development of gynecomastia in men after the start of its administration.

    As with any unusual symptom of medication you should speak to your GP about it.