Arthritis of the knee

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Hi all.

could I please ask? Is it normal to have burning/stinging with arthritis of knee?

thank you


  • anneb82
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    Hi @Candice

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for your post. I hope that you will find this a safe and welcoming space for you to share with us.

    I understand you are experiencing a type of burning/stinging pain in your knee and are wondering if this is normal.

    Unfortunately, I can not say pain whether this is normal or not, as we all experience pain differently. I wondered whether you had brought this up with your GP? If you feel comfortable, could you share a bit more about your type or arthritis and experience please?

    For now I have included a couple of links from our main website, that I thought may be of help with what you have shared already. I hope that they are of help.

    Take care

    Anne (moderator)

  • sunnyside2
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    yes. mine is measurably hotter then my unaffected knee.

    If however you are undiagnosed please get a medical professional to take a look at it as infection can create heat too- and infection needs prompt treatment