NHS Hip Replacemens ? Any members in South Wales heard any news or been contacted..?

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Hi, It's the old game of Whispers, but has anyone been given a nod or a wink from their GP / Consultant or Health Board that operations for hip replacements are begining to re-started up. I get so many people asking me why on earth I am still in the state I am, ( as if it's my fault ..lol ) In Cardiff I am drawing a blank, anyone with same experience.?


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    Hello Geraldine,

    There are so many people waiting for operation dates and no news! I have found a link that might be helpful

    I hope it won't be too long before you hear good news.

    Meanwhile take care,

    Poppyjane (moderator)

    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

  • Geraldine
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    Many thanks I am just one of the 500,000 here.... wondering over weekend whether to invest in a mobility scooter or save for a private op.. Always positive and looking to wobble about back on my allotment with this lovely weather

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    Just saw this post - I'm in Cardiff too. My GP referred me to a consultant (again - 7 years ago I was told I was too young for surgery) . I waited 5 months then phoned UHW to be told it was 64 weeks wait for a first consultation. After talking to my GP I decided to get a private consultation, the consultant put me on his NHS waiting list. He advised that pre-Covid his waiting time was 9 months but has no idea what it is now.

    I know of a couple of people who have had hip replacement ops since Covid, but they were already on the waiting list.

    Have you had any update?

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    My surgeon in Jan said the NHS waiting list was 12-18 months (in north Lancs), but a friend was diagnosed last summer and has a date for August 2021 for NHS THR. It depends to a large degree on what beds and theatre time they can book, and that’s not in the surgeon’s control. Even private surgery was suffering from the same problem, as they had to give up their beds for critical care patients (eg stroke victims) to make space for covid patients in other NHS wards.

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    EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS FROM CARDIFF........ Today I received a letter from Llandough , and have an appointment on November 8th at 2 pm............A neighbour had an appointment at UHW last week with her Consultant and penciled in for her hip op late September......We have both waited THREE LONG YEARS.....IT'S THANKS TO VERSUS ARTRITIS FORM THERE INCREDIBLE CAMPAIGN......

  • Geraldine
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  • Geraldine
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    My background information......was told I needed two hip replacements in April 2018......was due my first hip replacement at the end of March 2020, just into the First Lockdown. A person in Newport Royal Gwent Hosipal, was actually on their way down to surgery for a hip op, and was promptly returned to ward and discharged...that was the first morning of the First Lockdown

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  • Hi, I have been suffering with RA for 2 years now, I am on Methotrexate and Benepali injections. I have it in virtually every joint in my body. It hit me like a ton of bricks when it came on so suddenly. I also have osteoarthritis in hips.

    I went to see hip specialist on Friday as I am in so much pain, I struggle with stairs and walking is down to a mile or so on a good day.

    I had xrays which showed I was nearly at the stage for new hips, but he thinks the main pain is from the RA.

    Because of my low immunity from the drugs he isnt happy to operate, I also have PE and stage 3 Kidney function disorder. There was a lot of tears when he told me my only option is to think about my mobility, he mentions sticks and crutches which are both out as I have RA so bad in my hands and shoulders. The next thing he suggested was mobility scooter as at least It wouldnt cause any other pain. Again more tears, I used to climb mountains and do marathon walks so to be told to get this type of aid came as quite a shock.

    I am going to speak to Rheumatology and see if they have any other suggestions of extra treatment or if I should consider the other option.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them please. Thanks for listening x

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    @Geraldine , thanks great news! Isn’t it a relief when the lights turned back on at the end of the tunnel! That gives you a few months to shed a few more pounds and tone up those muscles to aid recovery. The time will fly by.

    it’s a shame they couldn’t fit you in between lockdowns. A friend’s new hip was cancelled in the March 2020 lockdown, but as she had got to the top of the list they could fit her in in July when they had a brief period of opening the wards for non covid cases again. But every hospital and health trust seems to be different.

  • Geraldine
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    Had first of my total hip replacements October 4th at Llandough, my three year nightmare sees me over the first hurdle. All Good , three day stay in hospital. Hope Cardiff and Vale Health Board now are getting their act together for us all

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    hi guys

    i was told that my thr was routine so I could expect to wait up to 4 years. I was devastated.

    In June this year I had a call from the hospital, I was asked if I live alone, I told them that I did and the lady ended the call. Shortly afterwards I had another phone call, my case had been upgraded from routine to urgent. I would be going to Spire in Cardiff, funded by NHS.

    My surgery would be in sometime September and I would be contacted soon.

    Long story short, I did not have my hip replacement in September but I’ve been given 21st November.

    I don’t know if living alone is a key factor in the decision to move me from the routine to the urgent, I assume it could be.

    the Lady in our local hospital mentioned that due to the enormous number of people waiting for joint surgery, the decision had been made to allocate a percentage of cases to private clinics.

    Im once again playing the waiting game, aware that if they can reschedule once, then it could happen again.

    My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering tremendous pain and anxiety due to lists and the length of those lists.

    Hopefully nobody will have to wait anything like 1,2,3 years for a procedure that will allow you to enhance your lives.

    Good luck to everyone that is currently awaiting the news that will change your lives positively 💕