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Hi, I have osteoarthritis in many joints which I try and manage with exercise, distraction techniques etc. Since lockdown I haven't been able to swim and have put on weight which is obviously not good. Can anyone advise a healthy diet, with suggestions for breakfast and lunch especially, so I can lose 8-10 pounds?


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    Hi @suestewart

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. 

    You have osteoarthritis and part of your normal routine is to help manage this with swimming. During lockdown you’ve been unable to do this and as a result have put some weight back on. 

    Whilst there is plenty of information on our website as regards what comprises a healthy diet there are no diet specific recommendations. However, the following links may be useful to you:


    Other forum members will perhaps have some suggestions for you. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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  • Ji @suestewart

    i have just started fast 800 by Michael Mosley ! It’s very fast way to lose weight I’ve lost 4 pounds in my first week !

    you can find the books on a big website I can’t name I don’t think !

    Apparently it’s very good at reducing inflammation I’m doing it because I know I’ll be better with less weight to carry around x

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    • Oily fish.
    • Oils.
    • Dairy.
    • Dark leafy greens.
    • Broccoli.
    • Green tea.
    • Garlic.
    • Nuts.

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    I did the 5:2 diet (Michael Mosely again) and found that very good too. As you’re only restricting what you eat for 2 days a week, it felt much more achievable for me. Get the book fist, it’s shirt and very easy to read, and as he suggests don’t start the diet till you finish the book.

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    I did the 5:2 with my husband too like Lilymary @suestewart

    He lost roughly 1-2lbs per week so you'd soon be back to normal.

    Main thing is with those two seriously restricted days so count every calorie and not make up for it by eating madly on the other two days!

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    I would add that I also felt much healthier while I was on the 5:2 diet, from the inside out, and if you read the book you’ll understand why. Lots of secondary health benefits.

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    I am doing a slightly less extreme version of 5:2, essentially trying to stick to 1600-1700 calories every day (it more or less averages out the 5:2 over the week). High protein diets leave you feeling fuller. Pack out meals with extra portions of veg as these are low calorie but still fill you up.

    I'll have a protein shake for breakfast (powder plus coconut or almond milk as lower calorie than cow milk).

    Lunch varies but poached eggs on toast is generally quite filling.

    You can try tracking calories on myfitnesspal to get an idea of roughly what you're eating and where you can make changes (it's not 100% but it's an idea).

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    @Lcc86 the fasting bit of the 5:2 diet is quite important, rather than simply controlling calories. Can’t remember the detail, it’s a while since I read the book, but it’s to do with the way your body stores and processes food. The book’s very readable, I hate cookery and self help/diet books, but I managed to read this one quite easily, it’s not very long. Once I’m over my op I’m going to give it another go.

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    I'm not sure as I've never done it, I only mentioned a more controlled reduction as 5:2 can be quite extreme for some people. I do intermittent fasting most of the time as I'm generally not hungry until about 11am and try and have dinner by 7pm, this can also help with weight loss depending on the person.

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    @Lcc86 I've heard that too, a friend lost quite a lot of weight simply by not eating after 6pm, as suggested by his GP.

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    a couple of the drugs I am on actively state weight gain as a side effect which is a pain and means only way I lose is if go to about 1200 calories a day which is a bit grim. but I am on it and my method is small lunch & generous dinner. I'm not hungry in the morning, but if I'm hungry in the evening I am really miserable so my dinners are a decent size, mostly something like spicy marinated chicken breasts with a LOT of salad and a bit of fruit. low calorie vinigarette really jollies up a salad.

    My main down fall is bread- I love bread, but I do not lose weight if eat it so bread/ potatoes off the menu.

    I don't like commercial diet foods so don't eat them. would sooner have a little of real thing then a load of horrible diet version.

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    I remember thatbwell known diet guru (lol) Giles Brandreth saying “never eat beige food”, and only ever eat th8nga that need a knife and fork. There’s some sense in that, low carb, no junk or snacks, no refined sugars.

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    Hi there,

    @AnLes is also altering her eating so she can get much needed new knees. I can merge the 2 discussions if you want, the benefit would be you could all help each other and find the discussion more easily. Post here if you fancy doing that.

    I'm heading for a carb counting. I had to do something when I too needed a new knee and this way of eating appealed to me because of the not going hungry thing. I'm going for 100 carbs per day max. I've just started (Monday) writing down what I eat.

    Take care

    Yvonne x