Hello from hip op waiter

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Good morning, been a lurker and now decided to join in this great site. I’m awaiting hip replacement in Kent, quite a wait.

I discovered Leon and now on week 3, certainly helping keep me a bit more flexible. I also need to lose some weight.

Out of interest, anyone found cutting down or completely out of diet gluten or sugar has helped them pain wise?

Living on the Kent coast and looking forward to a pain free future


  • ChrisK
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    Good morning @Carolbee

    Welcome to our Versus Arthritis Forum. Here you will find our members are helpful, friendly and empathic. They will answer any question/queries you ask based on their own condition.

    It is good that having been a lurker that you have now joined the forum. You, like many others, are waiting for a hip replacement. There are others on the forum who are also waiting for this operation. It is good to see that you have join Leon and are finding it useful in keeping you more flexible.

    You ask about cutting down or eliminating gluten or sugar. Before any new diet/food elimination it may be a good idea to speak to your GP . Below is some information on the Versus Arthritis web site that is about Diets:

    Diet and nutritional supplements | Side-effects, uses (versusarthritis.org)

    Good luck with your exercising and your eliminating of different foods from your diet. Please speck to your GP before you decide to do anything drastic. I look forward to seeing and reading your future posts and hearing how you are getting along.

    Best wishes