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Hi All .

I just wanted to say Hi 👋 and say what a great supportive bunch you all seem to be. I haven’t had an “ official “ diagnosis of OA but have had a knee MRI which shows significant OA and am waiting for an arthroscopy to help manage a torn meniscus in that knee. I am preserving with my Dr Jo knee strengthening exercises which are really helping . Should I ask my gp to add OA to my medical record ? I have seen them for plantar fasciitis, elbow tendinitis, thumb and toe pain and shoulder pain ? I also don’t find Ibuprofen works at all ... what do people think about Naproxen ?


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    Hi @Trishgem

    Good to see you back. My opinion is that Osteoarthritis should have already been added to your GPs notes but I would still check.

    I'm just going to pop this in for you:

    while you wait for our members to answer you queries.

    Best wishes


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    I am taking Naproxen, I do not have a diagnosis for my joint pain but I have found the naproxen has made a big difference. I do have to take a tablet in the morning before breakfast for my stomach as the naproxen is stronger than ibuprofen.

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    Thank you both very much . I may ask Gp for Naproxen and a PPI for my stomach as I know it can cause a lot of gastric acid xx

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    I was on Naproxen and omeprazole for over a year for hip OA, along with cocodamol. I have a delicate run like you too, and got by fine on this. Now 6 days post op I can’t take it as I’m also on blood thinners for a month, and boy am I missing it!

    I agree, if doc has said you have OA they should have put this in your notes anyway