Hip Arthritis


I was diagnosed last December with hip arthritis. I also did the escape pain class on line which I found very

helpful. However I suffer from muscle pain at the top of my right thigh and this is particularly bad after driving

I wondered if anyone else has had similar pain and is it part of the hip arthritis. I also have groin pain on occasions and find sitting for long makes both things worse


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Chris_K Welcome to the Online Community I am sure you will find it very supportive and helpful.

    We have an awful lot of people at the moment so I expect you will get a good response to your query about your unexpected pains. What I can confirm, because it's in this information and our members frequently report this, groin pain is quite common.

    I'm so glad to hear you found the escape pain online class useful and wonder whether you'd be interested in this:

    Many of our members have found it really helpful.

    Best wishes


  • Lettie
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    Hi Chris

    I’m new to this forum and also newly diagnosed with right hip OA. I’m also experiencing pain when driving, especially braking, I have assumed that this is part of the OA. Getting in and out of the car is a bit of a challenge too.

    The groin pain and increased pain when sitting for long periods also sounds familiar. I also have pain at night when I’m trying to sleep and I’m having to move my right leg a lot in order to get comfy. Comfort lasts about 20-30 minutes then I have to move again. My GP says it’s restless leg.

    I’ve only just joined this forum but on reading other people’s posts we are definitely not alone. I’m sure that any questions we have will be answered on here.

  • Chris_K
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    Thank you both for your helpful replies. Lettie it is always good (maybe not the right word) to know others are experiencing similar symptoms, as sometimes

    I start to wonder exactly what is going on. Although my physio did mention tendonitis too. I will definitely check out Leon's exercise classes too. Thank you.


  • Lilymary
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    I can relate to this too. I had referred pain down most of my leg, including groin, outer thigh, behind my knee cP and burning pains down my shin. Plus the obvious pain the the hip joint.