Surgery cancelled again

I’ve been waiting on a date for a trapeziectomy since last year, it has now been cancelled for a third time & the hospital have decided not to offer me another date as they say I am too much of a risk due to me having COPD & being slightly overweight. No consideration for the pain I am in & the effect it is having in my mental health. I now have to go back to my GP & ask to be referred to another hospital & start all over again. It’s enough to push a person over the edge.


  • Jona
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    Hi northernhippy,

    You can take it up with PALS dept at the hospital you were to be seen at switchboard should be able to put you through it maybe put it in writing,

    Im afraid they don’t seem to take into account sometimes just how it does affect us when they say go back to gp it would be great if it was as easy as they say it but I do know some gps will fight tooth and nail for their patients not many but some.

    good luck I do hope you get sorted soon

    love Jona 😊💪

  • Thank you Jona. It has really got me down as I can’t have any more cortisone injections as my thumb joints are too deformed to get the needle in. I’ve been waiting so long to get this sorted, now I’m back to square one. I appreciate you taking the time to respond x

  • Jona
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    Hi again,

    pals is to make a complaint and to also look into why the consultant has rejected you the service is for you

    I do honestly know how you feel I have oa in nearly all my bones hands are so painful at times I feel like it will never stop hurting, I know they are working hard to accommodate everyone but you shouldn’t be left in this position they need to do something maybe kick and shout and make a fuss I do x

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    What an awful shame. I can understand how gutted you must feel. Surely they were aware of your COPD and weight issues when they first referred you? sometimes I wonder whether they’re tightening up their surgical criteria to help them effectively “triage” the horrendous waiting list they’re now facing, so perhaps policies have changed since your first referral.

    None of this helps you of course, but I hope your GP can find an alternative route for you x