Referred to rheumatology - going crazy

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Help, dont know what to think - have been dealing with joint pain for the last two years mainly in spine, ankles, knees and hands. Had a flare up a year ago where both my ankles flared and burned up they were in so much pain i couldn't walk. Have been getting niggles of joint pain everyday all day and the worst pain would be in my spine. MRI showed some defects in ankle. Have been sent for more Xrays of knees and other joints and all bloods have been negative. I feel like im going crazy!!!!


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    Hi @neevybo - welcome to the online community!

    I see you have had flare upas and pain in a number of your joints, yet you have not been given a diagnosis and only had inconclusive tests.

    The annoyance of not being able to get an answer and move forward is real, and I feel for you. Osteoarthritis is quite difficult to diagnose just based on tests, however. While the blood tests only help with Rheumatoid Arthritis, OA can show up on X-rays or MRIs, but it's normally diagnosed based on your symptoms and a physical examination of your joint by the doctor - hands on as it were. Have a look at our information on OA below:

    I'd also take a look at the information we have on pain magement, and maybe explore what options you have for gentle exercise, and both stretching and strengthening your muscles can help with pain and also keep some strain off your bones. Do make sure you exercise gently and within your ability however - unlike common advice, when you have arthrits you shouldn't push to the point of pain.

    Do have a look around the rest of the community and join in with any discussions which appeal to you. We're a friendly bunch and quite helpful.

    I'ts lovely to meet you,