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Hello I am new to this I suffer from fibromyalgia I have chronic pain and stiffness and I now have to have adaptions made to the house like I say I am new to this my name is Phil.


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    Hi @Alexandra25 - welcome to the online community Phil!

    Dealing with chronic pain is never easy, and being told that you have to have adaptions made to your home can be daunting and strange at first.

    I'm assuming you've had an occupational therapist around to your house to help you get the recommendations to what you can get to help? If not, I'd definitely look into to getting one over - you can self refer to one if needed.

    There are many things you can do to help alleviate long term pain and stiffness - I've put some links below which may help with htis. I'd also suggest looking into heat therapy - hot baths or showers, heat pads or bags (which you can microwave) help me a lot, especially when I'm stiff as well as in pain. Exercise and gentle stretchin can also help (this is also a good long term strategy to keep mobility and reduce pain) but you do have to find exercise which doesn't push you too far. With a chronic condition the idea is to exercise safely within your limits, not pushing yourself to the point of pain.

    Do have a look around the rest of the community - evry is exceedingly friendly and helpful 😊

    It's wonderful to meet you!


  • Alexandra25

    Hi thanks shell yeah the occupational therapist was here on Tuesday starting some of the work next week nice to meet you hope your well. Thanks Phil