What gel to use?

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I was having new knee last April, covid happened, told it could be in another 2 years, other knee going, got arthritis in them, my fingers and feet, I work in a care home, on my feet all night, got loads of pain relief, anyone can suggest a good gel for knee fingers feet thanks


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    Hello @Cezza85

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for sharing with us. I hope that you will find this a safe space to continue to share your journey with.

    So you have arthritis is various joints, including your knees, hands and feet. You were due to have a knee replacement last April, but due to Covid this was postponed and you have now been told you may have to wait a further 2 years. You are on a lot of pain relief but are looking for recommendations for a gel that works well on your knees, feet and fingers.

    I understand having to wait a further 2 years for a knee replacement that was nearly going to happen previously must be very frustrating. My own knee replacement was also postponed so I can empathize with you. It does feel you are on an uphill battle at times but hopefully the 2 years is just a guideline and will actually happen sooner than that.

    With regards to recommendations for a gel to help with your joints, I will leave that to the ever helpful community on here. I'm sure a lot of people will come forward with various types that have been tried and tested.

    I've included a couple of links to our main website that are specifically about pain and living with arthritis. I hope that these are of help to you in some way.

    Please keep us updated and feel free to continue to post and get involved with everyone here. We are a friendly bunch and are always looking to make new friends.

    Take care

    Anne (moderator)