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Hello I'm new to this forum. I'm a 61 year old who enjoys an active life, which is being increasingly compromised by OA. Iam experiencing increased pain in what seems like every joint in my body except my elbows!! I do full body exercises for 45 mins every morning to get going, take naproxen daily, vit D, calcium, zinc, omega 3, turmeric supplements. I would love to have more insights into managing pain and maintaining mobility


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    Good morning @DianeJC59

    Welcome to our Versus Arthritis forum. It is good that you have found us. Here you will find our members are friendly, helpful and empathic. They will answer any of your questions/queries as to how they find them in relation to their own condition.

    You are experiencing increased pain all over your body. You are exercising daily to help you loosen up so that you can copes with your day. Have you spoken to your health care provider, be it your GP or physio, about how you are experiencing more pain and would like some suggestions to the types of exercise that will help your condition.

    Versus Arthritis produce many booklets and fact sheets in relation to all the types of arthritis and its related conditions. Below are links which you may find interesting to read:


    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (

    Hope these links will help you. I look forward to reading your future posts and reading how you are getting on. Take care.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @DianeJC59 , sorry to hear your pains are restricting you so much. I’m also 61 and previously fit and active till OA in my hip confined me to quarters.

    it might be worth reviewing your exercise regime. While maintaining muscle strength is important to support your joints, and stretching to stop them seizing up, sometimes it can do more harm than good, and 45 minutes is quite punishing for an arthritis sufferer. Unlike exercise for general fitness, it’s not wise to push through the pain with arthritis, as it just makes it worse. (As Phil Collins once wisely said, “if it hurts, don’t do it”.) Perhaps simply change the type of moves you’re doing, split into shorter sessions so you’re not causing inflammation, and avoid high impact exercise like running. Sadly there does come a time when we can’t impose our aspirations on our bodies any more, and have to listen to what our bodies can actually take. I’ve found that a bitter pill to swallow, but doing so has managed my pain to some extent.

    It may also be time to review your meds with your GP. Speaking personally I’m not convinced (and nor is medical opinion) that the supplements will make much difference, although they probably don’t due much harm. (As another wise man, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, also said “all you’re doing is creating very expensive urine”. 😁) However, if you feel they work for you, keep going, but relying on yet more supplements probably won’t help, and it may be time for The Big Guns. (No, not the Magnificent Seven, although they would liven things up a bit).

    I hope the links Chris has suggested are useful, they’ve certainly helped me over the last challenging year. Keep coming on here for advice or a moan when it gets too much, we all know how rotten this feels.

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    i have found c b d oil has helped with severe pain in my spine....any relief is better than none....pain can be so bad sometimes you can vomit....nobody can live with constant ongoing pain....people talk about flares....but what if you dont have flares and no intervals in between and consistent everyday ongoing pain ? that has been me...but thank you c b d that it has made a difference....i had bad side effects from diclofenac and gabapentin

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    @patsouth sorry to hear you had side effects from your medication. CBD oil doesn't really work for lots of people and can be an expensive waste of money. Hence, the following statement we give for new members to the Online Community:

    Cannabis oil (CBD)

    CBD is type of cannabinoid – a natural substance extracted from the cannabis plant and often mixed with an oil (such as coconut or hemp) to create CBD oil. It does not contain the psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) which is associated with the feeling of being ‘high’.

    Research in cannabinoids over the years suggests that they can be effective in treating certain types of chronic pain such as pain from nerve injury, but there is currently not enough evidence to support using cannabinoids in reducing musculoskeletal pain. We welcome further research to better understand its impact and are intently following developments internationally.

    CBD oil can be legally bought as a food supplement in the UK from heath food shops and some pharmacies. However, CBD products are not licensed as a medicine for use in arthritis by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority) or approved by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) or the SMC (Scottish Medicines consortium).

    We know anecdotally from some people with arthritis, that CBD has reduced their symptoms. If you’re considering using CBD to manage the pain of your arthritis, it’s important to remember it cannot replace your current medicines, and it may interact with them, so please do not stop/start taking anything without speaking to a healthcare professional.

    Taken from our dedicated page for complimentary treatements: