PsA - three weeks of complete relief from flare after AZ vaccination!

Has anyone else experienced this? I was having a nasty flare in my foot and hand when I had my first Covid jab. It had been steadily getting worse over the course of a few months. Within a couple of days of my Covid jab (AZ) it had gone completely. That lasted for three weeks, then it started coming back and is now as bad as before.

Have my second jab on 6 May and am desperately hoping for the same effect - even temporary relief is wonderful!


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,176

    Well i never @pinkteapot

    I think you are the first to give us such positive feedback regarding Arthritis flares.

    Do let us know if it happens again this time around. Fingers crossed for you that it does.

    Best wishes


  • pinkteapot
    pinkteapot Member Posts: 48

    I came off methotrexate in November due to side effects. If it does have the same effect then I'll be wishing there was a way to just get a Covid jab once a month. 😂 I did feel unwell (exhausted/headache/dizzy) for 24 hours after but the relief from my flare more than made up for that!

  • Flycatcher
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    Sounds like me only I have a suspicion it's not just the jab, but just permanent dactylitis and all that jazz... 😩

    Just had my 5th adalimumab shot, don't freak out anymore, that's good news! Waiting for it to do its magic...

    Have been having lots of anxiety, including health anxiety, ongoing bulimia that's I've had allmy life, gained weight and feeling unable to focus on work. Arms feel numb all evening, this has been happening more often. Noticed I sometimes hold my breath to deal with physical sensations, must remember to breathe!

    Feel scared of socialising because I've gained weight and feel so unattractive, like no one will like me, but isolation makes it worse. Feel stuck

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