Can you still go on holiday and go shopping ect with oa in the knees

Hi everyone can you still. Go on hoilday and shopping with oa in the knees may sound silly but I love doing these things is it still possible me and fiance love going on holiday ect and I dont want to change that


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    I understand your worries, my hip had got so bad that I felt there was no point going on holiday, as I couldn’t even manage to wander round picturesque towns, stately homes,gardens etc, I could only stay on my feet for about an hour, very slowly, and would suffer for it for days after,

    it’s hard for anyone to say whether you can still do shopping etc, as only you know how you manage, but for me, I had absolutely no hesitation using sticks, (or now crutches) if it meant I could still carry on doing the things I really needed to do. Note “needed”, as I had to prioritise everything, I did all the things I HAD to do first. And if I had any energy or pain tolerance left, I did the things I wanted to do.

    If we”re talking about holidays, choose places where you won’t be walking for miles, not too many hills or staircases, places where you can get taxis or public transport (or hire cars) to get you around, hotels that are close to the attractions you want to visit, etc, so you're not on your feet more than you need to be. Just try to find new ways to do things, and if there are things you can't do any more, replace them with something new that you will enjoy,

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    Hello Jadelady73. As Lilymary writes planning how to do things when any joints are affected by OA can be a worry. I have OA in both knees as well as in other joints but am fortunate in having a partner who appreciates my limitations, is willing to go at my pace and helps by suggesting ways in which we continue to enjoy our leisure time together.

    We have great holidays although they are different from those before OA - which were mainly walking holidays. Now we enjoy exploring new places that advertise good disabled access and make use of walking aids and wheelchair when necessary. (At many places you can borrow or hire manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters.) On our last holiday abroad I requested airport assistance in advance for the first time and found it enormously helpful so I shan't hesitate to do the same again.

    Shopping has become a little more difficult as both my mobility and carrying capacity are affected so our main weekly shop is done by store delivery. For other items a little advance planning is advisable to take account of parking provision, the accessibility of particular shops and how purchases will be carried but the limitations are' not insurmountable.

    My best investment is an outdoor battery powered wheelchair - bought with my DLA mobility payments. For me it has advantages over a scooter because I can leave the car at home when shopping locally, it is more manoeuvrable than a scooter inside shops and also copes well with many bridleways and country lanes. Transporting it isn't simple unless you have a large vehicle with hatchback and portable ramps or can tow a small trailer but where there's a will there's a way.......

    VA publishes a lot of sound, experienced advice and information in other parts of this website that is well worth reading. It may take you some trial and error to find your own best coping strategies but try short breaks before embarking on a major holiday, ask for help when you need it in shops, hotels etc and try out new experiences that you and your fiancé might enjoy together. I'm sure you will end up feeling pleasantly surprised! 👫

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    Thankyou for your comments