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I have just joined this group.

I am 73 married with 2 Sons and retired from a job in Industry

I have been waitng sugery on my left Athritic knee since November 2020 and expect to be waitng for a lot longer the way things are going.

I have just signed your petition

I live in Basall Common in the West Midlands




  • Hi @Nonjuror and welcome to the online community!

    We're a very friendly bunch here and there is always someone available for a chat. Our lovely members have a variety of experiences that they are willing to share- you will never be alone here!

    You say that you are waiting for surgery on your knee. We do have some information that may be useful for you in the meantime- but I do hope that you get the surgery that you need soon!

    In the meantime, please do have a look around our online community and join in with the discussions where you feel comfortable.

    It's lovey to meet you!

    Take care,


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @barbara12 @Nonjuror

    I LOVE Balsall Common! There's something about the longest road in the world I love when on the way to Stratford(ish) to visit my husband's family.

    Sarah (Mod) is right this is a lovely group of people. Well done for signing the petition 🙂

    I do hope that you won't be waiting too long though. People have started having their surgeries now as you'll see if you look around the forum. Just make sure you stay as healthy as you can while you're waiting so there are no reasons not to go ahead!

    take care now and come along in and join us all.