Hi just registered - strong interest in inflammation & depression

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Mainly on here to support family and friends with managing their arthritis. However, also interested in exploring physiological links between chronic inflammation and depression/anxiety. Any pointers to research in this field or sharing of anecdotal evidence would be very welcome.


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    Hello Debg,

    I think mostly depression and anxiety are heightened due to the fact the medical professionals treat arthritis as something to be expected in older generation nobody can turn back time so coping with pain and huge life style changes will make a person a little depressed in the younger people dealing with it it’s the limitations it puts on their life

    Terminology like wear and tear, oh it’s just minor when they don’t experience the pain frustrates and makes one believe they are lying in some way

    Inflammation is what it says inflamed where there is heat, try putting a hot water bottle on an enclosed part of the body like pressing your back against it and the chair and not move it causes pain like what arthritis suffer in joints but you also get deferred pain on pressure going from running a marathon to sitting all day anti depressants aren’t going to stop it’s progression cognitive therapy and support is needed along with acceptance

  • Hi @DebG, welcome to the online community! It's lovely to have you here.

    I see you are interested in research and experiences involving the possible link between inflammation and mental health. The Versus Arthritis website is regularly updated with articles about the latest arthritis research so I hope you will find it a helpful resource.

    It's lovely that you are supportive of your family and friends with arthritis. The online community is a great place to get an understanding of the different experiences and challenges as well as helpful advice for people with arthritis, so I encourage you to take a look around and join in wherever you like.

    Best wishes, Sarah (mod)