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Hi everyone,

I am newly diagnosed and have had a rough time during this last year trying to adapt to being unwell and navigating through the virus.

Im feeling a little lost as the world opens up and i am still unable to do much.

Would appreciate some contact with others in the same position.

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    Hi @julie_j , welcome to this lovely forum. The members have been a huge support to me over the last 12 difficult months. I've responded to your comment on another thread, where you describe what a rotten year you’ve had in more detail.

    i can empathise with you feeling so unsure about how life will be for you once lockdown eases. It gave me a good excuse to hide away and nurse myself when OA took over my life, and now I’ve had hip replacement, I’m realising this is going to be a longer and harder recovery period than I had expected. So like you, I’m anxious about how I’ll cope when we’re all expected to be “normal” again. I think for both of us we will need to make new adjustments, so just take it a day at a a time, be prepared to say “no”, and keep your mind open to change. Not all change is for the worse, sometimes “different” is better.

    there’s lots of experience of dealing with arthritis and fibromyalgia on this site, so I hope you can pick up some helpful tips and encouragement. This is also a good place to come when things get too much for you, we all now how rotten this can get.

    LM x

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    Hi @julie_j I'm new here, too, and already feeling the warmth of support from this lovely group!

    Diagnosed just last week with RA and possibly Lupus, I was completely overwhelmed ... but I'm already starting to feel calmer thanks to this place.

    I won't be rushing back to "old ways" post-covid. I'm happy to do my shopping online, avoiding the hustle, bustle and stress of shopping in person, not to mention the increased risks of "any" infection. This past winter of 20-21 is the first in as long as I can remember when I've NOT had a chest infection!