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I live in Dorset, and have just been diagnosed with RA "plus another, as yet unconfirmed auto-immune condition, possibly Lupus"; I can't have the repeat bloods done to confirm this second diagnosis for another 6 months ... so in limbo there.

I went to see my GP a few weeks ago basically wanting confirmation of my own thoughts, that I had Fibromyalgia. GP did some of the routine pressure-point tests, and was quite sure I was right, but told me I had to see a rheumatologist for the definitive diagnosis.

I had that appointment last Wednesday. The rheumatologist was lovely, but ruled-OUT Fibro, and told me I've got RA and probably Lupus ...

I'm still in shock. I know little about RA, nothing about Lupus (but I know this isn't a Lupus support group), and refuse to Google coz I know how much scary rubbish is on the Net. A friend pointed me in the direction of VA ... so here I am.

I'm scared about my new diagnosis. I've seen a little about a couple of treatments, but know I won't be able to take one of those (hydroxycloroquine) because I've got a strong family history (mum, aunt, grandfather, uncle) of both Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration ... and cannot risk a bleed or retinal damage to add to the mix there!


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    HI @vanessa7 welcome to the online community

    You have recently been diagnosed with RA and A N other which has been a great shock to you because you say that you do not know much about the many different types of Arthritis. You have come to the right place ,for many of us here have been just where you are today. So I am glad you chose to join because this is a safe place to glean information, have a moan and /or a laugh, share achievements, learn new skills, distractions and ways of coping on the days when the pain and frustration is overwhelming. Take some time to browse around the forums, meanwhile I attach some links which you may find helpful

    The Helpline will be open between 9.00a.m. and 6.00p.m. Monday - Friday if you felt like having a chat . 0800 5200 520.

    Whilst you are waiting for the second set of blood tests to monitor your journey with arthritis, do join us in the forums. There are many members who are willing to share their experiences with you and offer support.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Take Care


  • vanessa7
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    Thank you so much Poppyjane. I'll read those articles in the links.

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