Has anyone heard of the B-Cure laser advertised for chronic pain, advertised in the news papers?

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I have been looking at this laser treatment in the news paper it is very costly and wondered if anyone can offer any advice.


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    Hi @bennett welcome to the online community,

    Your enquiry is about the B cure laser treatment that is recently in the newspapers. It would be helpful to know the type of arthritis that is troubling you and then we would be in a better position to offer you some support . Meanwhile I attach a link to managing your pain which is recognised by the Versus Arthritis website

    There is a wealth of information and experience on the website to help members dealing with life with arthritis as well as various areas of encouragement and humour to offer self help and support to each other. Please take time to browse the forums and let us know how you feel the community can offer you personal support in the future.

    We look forward to hearing from you again

    Take Care


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    I would welcome anything that would negate the pain that I have throughout my body despite being on morphine but, having spent a lot of money on alternative therapies over the years I remain extremely sceptical of any new claims.

    From a couple of medical websites: "The lasers might improve circulation, support cell health, release endorphins that fight pain, reduce inflammation, or encourage the growth of new, healthy tissue. Preliminary research is promising. But there is no conclusive proof that cold therapy lasers can treat pain or any underlying medical condition." AND "Some doctors are skeptical about cold laser therapy and may not recommend it. In the past, it wasn't clear how light changes damaged tissues. Many doctors felt cold laser therapy was a sham."

    In my opinion as with any other supposed miracle treatments, if it was any good it would have medical evidence to support it and would be available on the NHS.

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    thanks Mike for your reply. If anyone else can help with more information it would be most welcome.

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    I’m inclined to agree with Mike, if it was of any real benefit, it would be offered or suggested by rheumatologists or GPs. While we may all be inclined to clutch at straws to improve our condition, we sometimes need to weigh up in our own minds whether the cost is worth the risk of little or no benefit.