Feeling down


Hi Ian feeling very down at the moment feels like everything has been taken away from me and I very frightened of what my future holds I have OA in my knees and worry alot about falling down and living alone much of the time I try to keep a brave face on for my family but when iam alone I just worry about everthing can anyone else understand this or am I just being silly


  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Jadelady73 , briefly, as I need to go to bed, you're not being silly. Adjusting to what arthritis does to your life is difficult, but your lifestyle doesn’t end, it changes. Have you considered using walking aids? It will at least reduce your worries about falling, particularly in the home if you live alone. when my hip packed up I got my stick out and battled on as best I could. Thathelped me keep some aspects of my life going (although it was still harder) and meant I was still active, which is good for mental health too. Trying to do something positive like that will make you feel more in control of your own destiny, rather than the arthritis having all the say.

    Then for everything that really is too hard to do now, replace it with something new that you’ll enjoy that your body can manage.

    And for the things you have to do that are now difficult, reprioritise, and find new ways to do them. Most of all, Ask For Help when you need it.

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    Definitely walking aids as Lilimary suggests but also, when my huasband is away, my sons insist I have my mobile phone 'attached' to me in a shoulder bag at all times. I hate it but it makes them and me feel more secure.

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