Should I miss out


Hi I need some advice my fiance wants me to go with him to a steam rally before I was diagnosed with oa in my knees I loved going and walking round but now Iam not sure I thought about useing a wheelchair I dont want to miss out on something we both love doing because of oa any advice would be good thanks


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    Definitely don't miss out if you can possibly go. We are all looking forward to getting out and about again so it's important not to feel left out when the rules allow more freedom.

    Most people feel self-conscious the first time they use walking aids in public so it's good to think ahead and have the opportunity to practise beforehand so you are safe and confident when you go out.

    There's lots to consider before deciding what walking aid/s to use, though. If the rally is on hard ground there shouldn't be too many problems but damp grass isn't the best surface for a wheelchair and you might find sticks or crutches better on any rough/uneven going or on gravel - especially if your fiancé is a novice pusher. Sticks/crutches can be lethal on wet tiles or similar smooth or polished surfaces.

    A physiotherapist could advise you on the best walking aids for your particular needs, adjust them to suit you and teach you the basics of using them as well as giving tips on choosing, pushing/manoeuvring a manual wheelchair, which can have a mind of its own. If you aren't able to see a professional in time you'll find lots of practical information on the VA website.

    Do hope you can get sorted and enjoy a day out together - you will feel so much better for an outing. 🚜

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    If i were you I would make every effort to do the things that make you happy, and if that involves a handful of painkillers before you set off (and a top up while you’re there), and using sticks or crutches, or even a chair, go for it. While you may not be as mobile as you!d like to be, and may not last as long, or get as far, as you would want to, at least you were there, with your fiancé, having some fun. Having OA doesn’t necessarily mean stopping all the things you enjoy, but it may mean finding new ways to do them. Give it a go x

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    Definitely go 😊😊😊😊😊

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    Most outdoor events like this if they're big enough; have a mobility scooter hire - which everyone seems to use these days (So you might need to book one in advance) I used to book one even when I was on crutches.

  • Hi @Jadelady73

    A steam rally! This sounds like good fun! Trying out walking aids is not something that I have a lot of personal experience with as of yet, however I think that the above comments are all quite useful. From a personal perspective, I would try to focus more on the positives- spending some quality time with your partner and doing the things you love. Of course you'll need to adapt how you do things along the way and just take things one step at a time, but your partner will be there to support you and so will our wonderful online community.

    If you do choose to go, I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Take care, Sarah