Finger fusion surgery

Hi all. I’m waiting for surgery on two fingers on each hand (osteo) and the surgeon is also going to sort my carpel tunnel issue and give me injections to help the pain in my thumbs. I’m wondering if there is anyone out there that has had finger fusion surgery as I would like to know about the recovery and what movement or restrictions you have post surgery. Many thanks 😀


  • Eir23
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    Hi, I've had fusion surgery on fingers and thumbs on both hands, both hands done separately. Post surgery I had a cast on for 7-10 days until the stitches were removed, at that time it was quite restricting, the cast is also bulky so have tops with cuffs that allow for this, then I had splints on the affected fingers and thumbs for 6 wks. The splints give you more movement. I recall it being a bit sore for a few days but didn't have much pain. I lived alone and coped ok. I would highly recommend getting a Limbo, its a waterproof cast protector so you can still shower/bath cost about £18. I also prepared myself by getting easy to pull on clothing like leggings, baggy tops etc. Got a load of ready meals in. If you drive and have an automatic, you can get a steering ball fitted so you can drive with one hand. I was driving within 2 weeks. You can still do your normal stuff, just make sure you have plenty of rest. Good luck.

  • Mrsegg
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    Brilliant thank you, looks like quite a long recovery! I have a limbo already as I had Chemo a few years ago and had a pic line so I can use that again, Great tip about the clothing, I will make sure I have plenty. Sadly my car isn’t automatic so that may be an issue. Do you have any restrictions now, or can you use your fingers fully?