How long did it take to get biologics


I have been struggling with a massive flare over the past 15 months since having a baby and they have tried sulfasalazine and methotrexate and after a recent MRI and seeing that the disease is still very active they have decided it’s time for biological medication. I’m delighted as it might be I’ll finally get some relief but my next appointment isn’t for another 8 weeks then o was warned it could take up to 12 weeks to actually get the meds as they have bloods do and send to England (I live in NI) and funding to apply for as they cost so much and it’s devastated me thinking I can be in this much pain for another possible 5 months! I don’t deserve it and neither do my young children as I’m snapping at them more and more cus I’m that irritable and sore :(

for those of u on the biologics, did it take u that long to finally get the meds once u were told that was the next course of action?


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Tish87

    I see you are facing the really possibility of getting biological treatment for your Arthritis. After a 15 month flare you must be desperate to get started, but I know it is a fairly lengthy process. Would your Rheumatologist consider a steroid depot injection or a course of oral steroids to get you through? In your shoes I would ask if you can have some help while you are waiting to start your new treatment.

    I see you really wanted to ear from others already on biologics and hope someone comes along soon. In the meantime though I am attaching some information on the subject:

    Best wishes


  • Tish87
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    Thanks Ellen, I rang today to get a course of oral steroids to help me try and get a bit more control over my disease. I took a reaction to the steroid injection Depo-medrone (not sure of spelling) so they won’t give me anymore injections so hopefully the oral steroids help some!