OA knee flareups - pain and swelling. Is the joint deteriorating?


I've had osteoarthritis in various joints for many years. Occasionally, my left knee flares up and becomes extremely painful and swollen. With rest, ibuprofen gel and painkillers it gradually settles back down again to just grumbling when I walk or go up and down stairs. This flareup happened on Sunday again, but this time the pain was really severe and I didn't sleep very well as the pain continued, even when I wasn't moving around. My knee is still a little swollen today, although the worst of the pain has gone. The joint does feel as though it's on the point of giving way, though. These flareups do seem to be getting more frequent.

Are these types of flareups, with pain even at rest, a sign that the joint is gradually deteriorating? Is there anything else I could do to improve the situation? I've got a knee support on today and it does feel more stable now.


  • Mike1
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    I suggest going to your GP and explaining that things are worse, he can then organise an X-Ray and compare it with previous ones, he can also refer you to a specialist in case you need a replacement, I would also suggest asking to see an Occupational Therapist or Physio who can sort you out a proper knee brace.

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    Thank you Mike, that sounds like a plan. My last x-ray was a few years ago. I just bought a brace online. It's not a brilliant fit, but it's providing some support at the moment. Thanks again.

  • Kayleigh_h
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    I’ve just be diagnosed with oa in my knee, the hospital said they won’t even consider an op until I’m at least 65, I’m only 35! The surgeon said by the time I’m 50 it will more than likely be bone on bone. My mental health has taken a hit as the pain is so bad some days I can’t walk. I don’t think my family and friends understand the pain (apart from my grandparents in their 80’s)

    Ive taken ibuprofen and they don’t seem to help, the pain in the knee and the stabbing pain down the shin is horrendous and keeps me up at night. There is a gel I used that seems to help but it’s like £18 for a 50g tube which lasts a week, let’s hope I can get it on prescription!

    if anyone has advise they can give me it would be greatly appreciated

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    Hi kayleigh what is the name of the gel that you use please and I hope things are working out for you take care