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Hello everyone

Just joined been really struggling with Arthritis and other medical issues life is not good at the moment, it nice to know I'm not alone


  • Hello @Sheby

    Welcome to our wonderful online community. You are absolutely in the right place, and you are certainly not alone. Is there anything specific about your arthritis that you are struggling with? Sometimes it is just arthritis life in general that gets us down isn't it, and that's OK. Each and every one of us here has experienced those down days, and sure, they'll come again, but we can all help each other out to work through them so please do keep talking to us. There will always be someone here for you.

    You haven't said what type of arthritis you have but here is some general advice/ tips which could be a good starting place:

    I know that while we've all been in lockdown, mental well-being has been vital too. This is something that is difficult for everyone, let alone when you are coping with various conditions so here is a well-being link which you might want to take a little look at if you feel comfortable in doing so:

    Many of us here on the community also have other health conditions, whether they are related to arthritis or not so please do speak to us about any of your concerns- don't feel that it has to be strictly arthritis talk only! As I said, there will always be someone here for you, just keep talking to us!

    Take care,


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    Hi @Sheby , and welcome to this lovely, friendly, helpful forum. You’re not alone, arthritis is awful. Feel free to have a moan on here when you’re feeling low, we all know how this feels. Or join in the chat and help us to cheer you up. There’s lots of useful advice on here about how to cope, and lots of other sufferers who can offer tips on what works for them in getting by. X