Steroid injection

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I had injections yesterday was told was having a X-ray wasn’t prepared for the needle but had procedure then doctor said he might work or it might not


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    Hi @Sheppsx

    I have replied to your first post with some links which I hope will help you and the Helpline Team Link.

    What did you have an injection for? Your hip or your Tendonitis?

    I am sure they are saying that just to cover themselves. Have you had one before?

    I have attached a link regarding steroid injections.

    Take Care & Stay Safe


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    Ahaha, yes steroids is a funny thing. I've only had 2 shots. The info I'm getting from the docs about steroids is nonexistent, they assume that you somehow magically know about steroids.

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    Hi Flycatcher,

    Speak to your local pharmacist they are the best people to speak to about any medications they explain it really well too

    love Jona 😊💪