Am new to all this.

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Hi all.

Just joined and diagnosed last week with inflammatory arthritis.

Wow, this has rocked my world somewhat! Came on in January in my hips and knees and very swiftly spread to my shoulders and hands.

Awaiting a session at an early arthritis clinic which I'm looking forward to as I seem to be on and off steroids at the moment just to maintain some movement.

Finding this mentally challenging, having been a career soldier and now struggling to feed my cat at times!

Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to sharing what works or what doesn't.



  • Aj_x
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    Hello @Bez

    Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Online Community Forum.

    Finding out you have Arthritis - no matter what type of arthritis it is, is always daunting. Being on here I hope you can get some comfort from all the forums that are here.

    Was there anything that we can get information for you and try to help you understand to stand a bit more about arthritis etc.

    I have attached the Link for you to chat to the Helpline Team. Also have a look around the other forums we are all friendly.

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum Family. Looking forward to you posting again!

    Take Care & Stay Safe


  • Flycatcher
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    Yeah, can relate to the "rock my world" comment. I sometimes have scary thoughts like "will I be able to work in the future??" etc

    But the important thing is that none of us did anything at all to make it happen. That unites us with all other humans. It's just biochemical bad luck and they're still figuring out the mechanism.

    I find solace in relating to all other people, for whom life doesn't go as planned... And that's everyone.

    PsA, 34 yo.

  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Bez and welcome to this lovely forum. They kept me afloat after my shock diagnosis in March 2020. It knocked me sideways too, and it does take quite a bit of mental adjustment. It’s ok to feel rubbish about it. Come on here for a moan when you do, as we all know how this feels, and there’s a wealth of experience with other members, and advice elsewhere on the site.

    But you’ll find you gradually adapt your life around it. For the things that become too hard for you, either find different ways to do them, or ask for help, or let them go and (importantly) replace them with something new that you will enjoy. So it’s not the end of the journey, just a change of direction.

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    Welcome Bez, As a career soldier I hope you're getting support you need from the military charities? It was a huge relief when I found out I was eligible even from some auxiliary service I did when younger.

  • Jona
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    Hi Bez,

    Welcome I hope your getting the support from the MO and not sure but have you spoken to ssafa that’s if it’s still called that been a few years since I was in but know you’re not alone here, it does knock the wind out of you but there’s some amazing people here that will help

    take care

    love Jona 😊💪

  • Mike1
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    Hi Bez, being ex-forces myself I know how you feel. There is lots of help out there as well as from SSAFA, British Legion, and other military charities. I would suggest that you get an assessment from an Occupational Therapist so that they can advise on any changes or kit you need to make life easier. It is one hell of a shock to go from being fit and active, I have had widespread OA for 12 years or so and now need a wheelchair and I still have dark days when I miss my former life so much.