Newly 'diagnosed' (sort of) - question about migraines


Hi all,

I have been having symptoms since January since year and after some tests and two appointments at a rheumatologist, I am 'diagnosed' with a query arthritis, possibly psoriasis arthritis. I had Covid back in March 2020 so the rheumatologist thinks it may have brought on by that (maybe it's a viral arthritis that has turned into something else or maybe viral arthritis itself). I have been given a NSAID and a sleeping pill and will go back in a few months.

However, I am also having the symptoms of what is maybe migraines. I've been having dizziness/vertigo with vomiting and a strong aversion to light. This normally starts between 5pm to 7pm every night although it does seem to get triggered if I go outside in the sun. I've thrown up every day for the last three weeks! I also have had myclonic jerk seizures (I have epilepsy so seizures themselves are not new but this is the worst they have ever been).

I asked the rheumatologist about migraines and he didn't really comment on it (I don't think - there was a lot of information haha) but is referring me to a neurologist (my previous one got fired so I haven't had one in a few years).

Does anyone else get migraines and are they related to arthritis/autoimmune conditions at all? Alongside the whole morning being stiff and sore and unable to do much, the evenings are now a write-off too as I'm hiding in a dark room or hugging the toilet bowl!

I am longing to get back to work and 'normal' life but the Dr said it may be months before I can return :/


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    Hi @RosieThorn

    Welcome to the online community great to see you posting twice already.

    You are saying that you have ?arthritis psoirotic ? may be induced by covid and you are experienceing Migraine like symptoms, you are also seeing a Rhumatologist but they havent answered your question about migraines.

    Well you are going through the mill at the moment.Here is a link that may help.

    Psoriatic arthritis | Psoriatic arthritis | Causes, symptoms, treatments (

    Hope all goes well for you please keep in touch and chat on the forums which are full of friendly and understanding people who will give good advice.

    All the best Christine

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  • RosieThorn
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    Thank you! I thought you were a bot for a minute, the way the first paragraph was written lol.

    I don't see anything about migraines in there unfortunately.

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    Hi @RosieThorn

    You are having a struggle at the moment. I used to suffer from migraines so you have my full sympathy if this is your problem. I also wondered if your vomiting and dizzyness etc are side effects of the NSAID.

    I wonder if a chat with your GP or pharmacist would be a good idea, sometimes it takes a while to find the right balance of medication to suit each of us.

    I hope you feel better soon


  • RosieThorn
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    Unfortunately the migraine symptoms predate the NSAID so it cannot be that.

    Seems like no one else is having this issue so I will assume it's something else! Thanks anyway.

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    Hi Rosiethorn,

    I have cervical spondylosis and arthritis of the spine, started with migraines very bad ones saw a rheumatologist and he said osteoarthritis which is in nearly every bone, I wake up feeling sick, dizziness and feel totally exhausted I was convinced something was wrong other than the obvious and I was actually right I have a chronic skin condition that is secondary to autoimmune my iron levels are very low hence the feeling of being tatt I paid private too so I didn’t cost the nhs

    make sure you write everything down about your symptoms and show the consultant, keep a diary too every day is different but they don’t really know properly yet re long covid aftercare again every one is different but you could discuss with your gp maybe get some anti sickness meds

    good look and I truly hope you feel better soon

    love Jona