Pain during summer

Hi, everyone. It's summer here in the Philippines. I am experiencing joint pains, back pain, arm, and thigh pain. Anyone here who experiences the same?


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    I see you are experiencing increased joint pain during the summer. Weather can absolutely affect symptoms, but it seems to be in different ways to different people. I found this article on the versus arthritis site that you might find interesting: Make sure you're staying hydrated!

    And here is some information about managing pain, I hope it's helpful:

    It might help other members to give advice if you let us know what kind of arthritis or other condition you have, if any?

    Best wishes, Sarah (mod)

  • Lilymary
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    Interesting article.ever since I was very young (at least 4 years old, if not younger) I noticed that my legs ached when it was cold - there was no heating in bedrooms in those days, and I clearly remember my leg joints aching in bed. I thought everyone had this until I was about 12, when someone pointed out that no, it was just me, and it was probably rheumatism. But I also notice it in hot weather, particularly if it’s humid. Basically I just keep my legs warm in winter, and at least keep my feet warm in summer if it’s humid, and that seems to keep it at bay. And yes, my legs never see the sun and are an unnatural shade of blue white!