New sufferer of Knee Osteoarthritis


Hi all, I’m new to the site and pretty new to the suffering too.

I was diagnosed around a year ago, but over the last 3 months I have deteriorated so quickly.

I feel pretty lost and hopeless and scared and worried that I’ll not be able to walk properly again.

My right knee is agony, just over a week ago I virtually collapsed at work with the pain and have been in sick for the last 10 days, GP said at least a month off work. I have not to weight-bare and to use crutches when out and about. I’m on strong painkillers and awaiting a hospital appt to be assessed.

I have been given exercises to do sat or laid down but my walking is getting worse. Will I ever walk properly again? Surely using crutches isn’t going to make me stronger. I’m scared I won’t ever walk properly and I’m only 52 and not ready for this.

My job involves a lot of outdoor walking and standing, I love going on walks and I can’t afford to be off work.

I’m overweight which I know doesn’t help but lockdowns have not helped and neither has the menopause.

Sorry this has been such a long post but 6 months ago I was 100% more active and I’m lost.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @JaneInPain

    Firstly welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community. I see from your post that you were diagnosed a year ago with Osteoarthritis of the knee, but the last three months have seen a rapid deterioration and increase in pain.

    Has your Dr given you any information on the condition I wonder?

    This might be of interest:

    There is a link to exercises for the knee within it, but I am posting it separately you can see how it compares to the ones you are already doing:

    Were you given yours by a physiotherapist I wonder?

    Using walking aids - I am assuming you have been given crutches? helps us in as far as it keeps us moving and prevents other things developing from inactivity and does keep the joint moving safely at least.

    Losing weight is not easy with Arthritis, (especially with the menopause to contend with as well), but it can be done. We have had success stories on here with members losing quite significant amounts in spite of their mobility issues. If you are interested this might help:

    I will leave you now to meet our members and look forward to seeing you posting more in future.

    Best wishes


  • JaneInPain

    Thank you so much I will take a look at the links. I have been doing some of the knee exercises from this site which are helping but I still can’t fully straighten my knee when standing. I have a meniscus tear which just feels like a sharp metal spike caught between my bones that hurts immensely when j straighten my leg or weight-bare.

    My GP has referred me to a physiotherapist and I have my telephone appointment booked for the 20th of this month. I have been xrayed and my appointment with the hospital specialist will be with me at some point (hopefully sooner than later) to find out what options I have for treatment.

    I am off work for a month as, sadly, my job involves being outdoors on my feet constantly and stood a hell of a lot. It’s a job that can’t really be adapted, however the management are trying to find ways to get me back to work.

    I looked at the “Let’s move with Leon” exercises that I have saved but a lot I can’t do due to no strength in my knee.

    I will keep trying though and thank you again for your reply.

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    Hi @JaneInPain

    Lovely to meet you. I don't think we've met before. I am so sorry to hear how much you are suffering at the moment with your knee.

    I did Leo and think you should just do what you can every little has to help. I expect the 20th seems such a long way off for you at the moment waiting to see a physio😕

    Have you tried heat on it? A warm wheat-bag (the kind you microwave) can ease things no end, but some of us like ice in a tea-towel. I'm trying to think what else I've tried....I don't know what pain meds your GP has given/suggested.

    It sounds at least as though your employer is good and wants to help keep you at work which is great.

    By the way it is so common to gain weight during the menopause so don't feel bad about it. I know it is kinder on our joints if we are not overweight a few of us on here have tried the 5 and 2 diet.

    I hope your consultant appointment comes through really soon sending ((()))

  • JaneInPain

    @frogmorton sorry I have just got to this message. Nice to meet you too.

    I am on Zapain and Naproxen and recently given Tramadol to take if the pain gets unbearable. I haven’t had any of them yet.

    I am off work until the end of this month and have been using crutches when I go out anywhere but manage ok around the house, I am coping on just the Zapain and the exercising I’ve been given but I still can’t straighten my leg when I’m stood without excruciating pain. weight bearing is impossible and this scares me. The miniscus tear I have is in such an awkward place. I cannot return to work if I can’t walk.

    My job is not adaptable, I’m a security officer at an outdoor shopping mall so I am always on my feet, pretty useless when I can’t move well and I’m not much a deterrent to “undesireables” limping and struggling.

    I am calling my GP tomorrow to check they have definitely expedited my appointment with the hospital as I thought I would have heard something by now. My GP surgery is a Covid vaccination site and is so hard to get an appointment.

    with all this going on, and dealing with humpteen menopause symptoms, I feel pretty overwhelmed to say the least.