Question for everyone: How do you get your scan results?


Hi everyone. If you are under the care of rheumatology and they send you for any type of scan, how do you hear about the results?

Do you have to just wait until your next rheumatology appointment? Do they contact you? Do you have access to results online? Are they posted to you or included in your clinic letter?

Would like to get an idea of how much this varies. Thank you.


  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    They pass the results to your GP and by contacting them at least a week after the scan they should be able to tell you the results.

  • Elmbow
    Elmbow Member Posts: 80

    This isn't how it works where I am. To clarify, I'd like to gauge other people's experience rather than advice on what I should do - it seems to vary a lot and I'm pretty convinced my hospital has the worst system conceivable 😆. Thanks tho.

  • Jona
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    Hi, they usually send things to gp but I would contact the secretary of the rheumatology consultant she too can either send to you or to your gp