Suitable electric recliner chair


My wife has suffered with arthritis for over 40 years and also due to poor circulation has painfully swollen legs.

We bought an electric recliner chair many years ago. It has all the (expensive) bells and whistles but when the leg rest is raised the backrest is tilted back slightly. This creates an uncomfortable position so she does not use it.

Does anyone know of an electric recliner that has a completely independent leg rest?


  • crinkly
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    There are many variations in size and functions of electric reclining chairs but none that is a universal fit for all people and all needs.

    Ideally ask for an OT assessment that will point you in the right direction of suitable designs and sizes for your wife's needs.

    If possible go to a showroom where your wife can try a selection of different models in order to work out what she specifically needs. Make a note of her ideal measurements like height from the floor, length of back rest, width of seat, distance from back to front of seat as well as essential functions - like leg rest working independently of back rest and the angles achievable.

    When you are equipped with this information you'll be in a position to check online against manufacturers' products and should be able to make a shortlist of potential chairs, prices and availability. Even then be sure to try before purchasing.

    After wearing out my first reclining chair - OT-recommended, bought new and served me brilliantly for many years - I almost literally stumbled upon its replacement in a charity shop. It fitted my requirements (and decor) perfectly while costing a fraction of the new price. I can't imagine life without it and do hope your wife also finds her perfect recliner. 🌞

  • Mike1
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    Your other half needs a dual motor recliner which has independent back and leg functions. Contact your Council's Adult Care department and ask for an OT assessment, they will look at the way she interacts with all aspects of the home and will recommend any other equipment which may be needed. They can also provide some things, I had a recliner given to me from the Council several years ago and am currently waiting for the replacement to be delivered.