Gabapentin anyone?


I was prescribed Gabapentin for osteoarthritis in my hip a few weeks ago. Apparently it takes a few weeks to work and tbh I was about to give up on it last week when I finally noticed a difference. I still have pain but it's much improved. Anyone else have experience of this?


  • stellabean
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    Hi Rozwalsh I have in the past been prescribed both gabapentin and pregablin but I was unable to tolerate either and had some terrible side effects, which the pain management consultant accused me of getting on purpose ( he had a strange almost abusive manner,). I am glad it is working for you. Yes you are right some of these drugs can take up to 6 weeks to be affective but also they can take that long to get out of your system.

    Hope it continues to help, don't be tempted to overdo things just because you have pain control.

  • Mike1
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    Glad it is working for you, it didn't for me.

  • frogmorton
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    I am so very very pleased to hear it's helping you @rozwalsh great news!

    I had it for neuropathic pain post back surgery and sadly even though I got up to the max 3600mg it didn't help me. Although it was the only medication I ever took which I had no side effects at all with.

    Long may it help you🙂

  • Saltmarsh
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    It was my best friend for many years, then I had to come off it because it was affecting my respiratory system. (Now I take Etoricoxib.) Good luck, I hope it helps you.