delayed pain after knee replacement

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Hi, I'm Ruth, a retired teacher and I have lived with osteo-arthritis for many years but until the last few years I have managed to do most of what I wanted ie walk about a mile. I also have Sticklers, a genetic condition which amongst other things affects the joints. Three years ago I had a total knee replacement which was initially very successful but after about a year I started to get increasingly severe pain in my knee. It is now at least as bad as before I had it done. Xray reveals no cause. I had to stop taking NSAIDS,which previously worked well for me, because of kidney disease. Paracetemol is of limited benefit and I avoid opioids because of the side effects of feeling like a constipated zombie. I now use a rollator and can only manage about 100 yds.

Has anybody else had a similar experience with knee replacement?