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hi I had knee replacement in 2017, bu tn now my other one is bad too, so i will try swimming as soon as i can, but the pools seem cold where i go, and cold is not good for arthritis, why dont they heat them up a bit more.

I will wait a bit even though they areopen now, as they will be packed.

All the best to everyone.


  • Lcc86
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    You could see if there's a hydrotherapy pool near you, they are always hotter. I agree as I find pools a bit in the cool side, I always make sure to have a hot shower once I get out.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @kmac

    They are too cold! We have brine baths near here which are much warmer and some of the pools will also let you in the children's pool at certain times which by me is much much warmer. Talk to the manager if there is a children's pool. It has to be worth a try.