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Hello this is my first post.

I had very sudden onset of joint pain and swelling after a Flu jab in October last year. The Rheumatologist suggested Reactive Arthritis and started me on Naproxen. 22 weeks later on my follow up I was given an injection and meds changed to Etoricoxib. I had relief for 4 weeks but am awaiting a further follow up now. My pain is becoming worse daily in particular in my shoulders, elbows and fingers. Cocodamol is not touching the pain and just making me woolly headed. Can anyone help with ideas on natural or topical treatments that have worked for them please? I am struggling to stay at work.

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    Good Morning @Cathx180

    Lovely to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community.

    I see you were diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis by your Rheumatologist and are taking Arcoxia and Co-codamol to help with pain. If I understand correctly you had 4 weeks of relief after a (steroid?), injection. The pain and swelling came about suddenly after your flu jab in October and must have been a shock to you.

    You are asking for information about natural treatments so am going to attach the following link:

    I just wonder whether you have received much information about Reactive Arthritis? So just in case attach this link on the subject:

    It rather sounds as though things are getting worse rather than better and if you read the information through it suggests further treatments which might be available. Of course you would need rheumatology follow up for those.

    Best wishes