Has anyone found a neck brace helpful at night to help with getting to sleep/sleeping ?

I have fairly extensive OA and one of the latest challenges has been neck pain caused by my spinal stenosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, osteoporosis and some other structural issues thrown in. I am aware that wearing a neck brace is not recommended through the day because it can cause the muscles to weaken further.

I remember the relief I found when given a neck collar at the physio department but that was before the academics changed the guidelines!! Anyone else found relief either with a collar or by any other means? Thank you.😀


  • Mike1
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    I wear my cervical collar when my neck is not otherwise supported which is what my OT told me to do as I normally sit in my recliner all day, it does help. I was also advised that I could wear it at night but I have not had the nerve to do so, as I live alone and am worried about having something round my neck when trying to sleep. I asked the question about wearing it at night on this forum a few weeks ago but nobody responded that they wear theirs.

  • frogmorton
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    I have one of those shaped pillows @Kirnbabe

    It's shaped along the edge to accommodate the neck sideways sleeping or if you sleep on your back you turn it around and the shaped bit is deeper.

    This has to be about the 5th or more that I've had since I found out how bad my neck actually was many years go and ditched my two pillows.

    Normal pillows just push my head up really and put my neck out of it's normal alignment.

  • Mike1
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    I have spent hundreds on pillows over the years including the specially shaped ones for side sleepers and have not yet found one which helps that much. The latest that I have used for a few months is a V pillow which I tuck around both sides of my neck and then hug the part in front of me, it helps to some extent but I still only get about 3 hours kip before I wake up screaming and reaching for my morphine, then I have to get out of bed, make a brew and sit in my recliner.

  • Kirnbabe
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    Thanks to both Mike and Toni. It seems the jury is out on the wearing of neck brace/support collar sio I plan to get one just so that I can tell myself I have tried. We are all searching for a magic potion which doesn't exist but it is better that we try than give up. Cheers folks, I appreciate that you took the care to reply, Pat 🙃